Interspecies Transmission

Can My Pets Contract C. Diff?

Dog C. DiffC. diff can be found in a small percentage of dogs and cats. Dogs that visit human hospitals can be impacted by a C. diff enriched environment and are at risk of shedding the C. diff bacteria in their stool. Dogs and cats in a home of a C. diff infected person are at a higher risk of contracting the bacteria from the owner as the owner spreads the spores in the home during their illness. So yes, the potential for interspecies transmission of this bacterium is very real. The strains of C. diff for both dogs and cats are almost always the same as those found in humans. If you have C. diff and your pet develops diarrhea let your vet know, and do not let your pet drink out of the toilet. Should you have any recurrent C. diff infections, consider the pet as a possible source

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