Cleaning and Disinfecting of C. Diff

More than likely you will need to have your home cleaned by a professional who UNDERSTANDS what C. Diff is and how to properly eradicate it. C .Diff develops from a vegetative state and into a spore. Spores become airborne and can enter into the HVAC supply line and can spread throughout the house. Bleach is not the silver bullet for this form of bacteria. A professional company or firm will know a sporicidal will need to be applied only after all hot touch surfaces have been properly cleaned before final application of the sporicidal. “Hot Touch” surfaces can include doorknobs, kitchen pull knobs, thermostats, faucet handles, remotes, dining room chair backs, cell phones, microwave keypad, stove knobs and handles, refrigerator handles, key boards. Basically, anything that a toddler might touch. Have the entire home treated, you just cannot treat portions of the home. You will also want to have your vehicles(s) cleaned and disinfected as well. There are many “Hot Touch” surfaces there, including the gas cap. Any soiled garments will have to be discarded as medical waste and sent to an autoclave. This may and can include bedding, mattresses and soiled area rugs, carpet and padding. These soft goods cannot be properly treated and cleaned.


Biofilms are a collective of one or more types of microorganisms that can grow on many different surfaces, in which cells stick to each other and often also to a surface. Microorganisms that form biofilms include bacteria, fungi and protists. These adherent cells become embedded within a slimy extracellular matrix that is composed of extracellular polymeric substances. One common example of a biofilm dental plaque, a slimy buildup of bacteria that forms on the surfaces of teeth.

When cleaning the hot touch surface a bio film is being removed, so that the sporicidal can have a clean surface to adhere to. If the bio film is not properly removed then there is a chance the C .Diff spore has not been destroyed. The proper steps for cleaning and disinfecting are to apply the sporicidal with an application device to reduce the bio risk of the service technicians in the dwelling. The all hot touch surfaces need to be cleaned with a woven disposable towelette that have been pretreated with an emulsifying agent. Once all hot touch surfaces have been cleaned then these same surfaces will then need to be properly wiped with warm water and a microfiber rag so a clean surface is achieved for the final application of the sporicidal.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions the C. Diff Cleaning

Ask them what they are using and to educate you in their process of cleaning and disinfecting your or your loved one’s home. You may also have to have the physician write orders that the dwelling needs to me treated before anyone reenters. This step may be vital for the insurance companies’ paperwork for treatment of the property.

C. Difficile Spores

C. difficile spores can be shed to the environment by both asymptomatic and symptomatic patients and may survive for up to 5 months on inanimate surfaces. C. diff infection can spread from person-to- person on contaminated equipment and on the hands of doctors, nurses, other healthcare providers and visitors.

Get Expert Help

•Seek Medical Help for C. Diff.

• Home and Car Should be Professionally Cleaned

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